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James has presented various options for leveraging public infrastructure, including both the American Society of Civil Engineers Florida Section and the Florida Floodplain Managers Association

James was also named one of the Tampa Bay Business Journal's Up and Comers in 2011:

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The transportation system safely and successfully connects hundreds of millions of people to each other and to needed goods and services every single day. The magnitude of this accomplishment is truly awesome and it takes the hard work and dedication of several entire industries to make this happen.  As a society, we have come to expect that the level of economic activity that this makes possible will not only continue, but will keep increasing.  We also expect the supporting transportation network to continue to get more efficient, do more with less, and even expand if needed to keep up with the demand.  However, each and every day a small subset of those people are also severely injured or killed simply by trying to get to where they need to go.  You may even know someone who has been affected by one of these tragedies, or you may have been affected yourself.  At JRB Solutions, LLC, we find this unacceptable and are committed to improving the safety of the transportation network through planning, engineering, design, and consulting until there are zero preventable deaths or life changing injuries that are the result of a person innocently going about their travels for the day.  We bring an engineer's sense of practicality and detail to planning processes, ensuring the visions that are outlined have a clear and practical paths to implementation. 

We also believe that in a free society, people need choices in their transportation network that can reflect their individual value systems and equally accommodate any age, income, or level of ability.  We are committed to providing cost effective, financially sustainable solutions to our clients that improve all modes of transportation.  Weather you or your constituents take the bus, a train, a shuttle, a wheelchair, on demand ride-share, a walker, a scooter, a bicycle, a car, a skateboard, a unicycle, roller blades, an automated vehicle, or simply prefer to walk, we will provide solutions that to make these choices as competitive and convenient as possible.  If you are looking for a better parking strategy for your town or city; improved safety, appearance, or operation of your streets; a more robust transit network; or simply have a project that you are passionate about seeing through to completion for your community, we eagerly await the opportunity to help you!

JRB Solutions, LLC was founded by engineer and planner James Fogarty, PE, LEED AP.  James brings a lifelong passion for improving the public infrastructure and other aspects of the built environment, particularly transit service and bicycle and pedestrian safety.  He received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida, and has professional experience as both public agency staff and as a consultant to the clients in both the public and private sectors. An engineer who is familiar with new urbanist principles, he is skilled in ArcGIS, light rail and bus transit design, transit planning, station/stop area planning and design, public outreach, storm water management/pollution prevention, site permitting, due diligence, cost estimation, accessibility evaluation, ADA compliance evaluation, transportation safety assessments, transportation corridor safety studies, bike and pedestrian safety, facilities renovation and adaptation, urban design, project budgeting and development, grant applications, redevelopment planning, visioning, public outreach, and public speaking. He is committed to improving the built urban environment, specializing in transit, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, transportation safety, street design, and efficiency in public investments.  He was recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in 2011 as an Up and Comer, and in 2012 by the local chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers as the young transportation professional of the year.  A native of the Tampa Bay area, he has presented nationally and internationally on Tampa Bay's infrastructure improvements and is active in a number of local projects and efforts.  He is involved with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Urban Land Institute (ULI).  He has proudly served as the transit representative on the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and is an active participant and supporter of the Tampa Downtown Partnership, along with many other community organizations. 

Professional Activities

Just like you, the professionals at JRB Solutions, LLC take notice of events that occur each and every day that are pertinent to our industry.  Whenever we come across a story that helps to motivate or inspire us, we post a link to it to remind us of the goals we share as professionals.  We hope that by sharing and periodically revisiting these stories, we never forget the importance of a safer and more effective multimodal transportation network.  If you would like to share with us a story that inspires you, we would love to hear it!  Please email us or give us a call!