Projects Include; 

  • A multi-modal mobility study, including transit, in support of the redesign of Channelside Drive into an urban street for the City of Tampa.  The analysis included a comprehensive look at the parking supply in the district.
  • New designs for bus transit passenger information for Pasco County Public Transportation, including simplified and user-friendly route maps and schedules. The maps were delivered so as to be easily edited in-house when needed, and to showcase the connections that are frequently required among riders in the system.  
  • A scope for the study of regional transit in the Tampa Bay Region, including coordination of input from the area's main planning agencies and key stakeholders. The study places special emphasis on connecting the region's core productive areas with transit, leveraging those areas that are already transit supportive and walk-able in their density and urban form.  The project was conceived such that any resulting transit project will be sufficiently productive from its first day of operation. 
  • Stop profiles and route maps for a passenger ferry service to connect the beach communities of south Pinellas to the mainland. 
  • A parking analysis and transportation impact study for the conversion of a historic office building into a residential rental property.  Thanks in-part to this analysis, the developer was able to meet all of the buildings mobility needs while saving a historic city block that would have been in the way of on-site parking.  The developer saved the cost of having to do unnecessary parking, while maintaining key amenity space and protecting the community fabric of downtown Tampa.   

The JRB Solutions, LLC Approach to Projects:

Arthur M. Wellington was the author of The Economic Theory of the Location of Railways, but is more famous among engineering circles for his famous line "An engineer can do for a dollar what any fool can do for two".  This is one value a good engineer and planner will bring to their clients, and is a core belief at JRB Solutions, LLC.  We can help regardless of whether you are still trying to figure out the pro-forma on your small-scale development (and maybe struggling with how to provide required parking) or you need to find a way to make your project dollar stretch just a little farther.  Whatever you are trying to do, JRB Solutions, LLC looks forward to developing a long-term partnership with you to safely do it well for less.  A selection of work the firm has successfully completed in the last few years is listed below.  If you have a question or would like more information on any of these projects, please don't hesitate to contact JRB Solutions, LLC!  

Past Projects Include: